Sunday, January 10, 2016

New beginnings: tackling a huge project

Wow- it has been quite some time since I've been on this blog. A lot has happened over the years, but one big change has been moving to another part of Miami (Coconut Grove area)! While I was so sad to move from my tiny apartment, this place is SO MUCH bigger! It is a complete blank slate (we don't even have countertops) so I am very excited to start from scratch.

I'm going to use this blog to document my decorating journey. I have a few new, completely unlike me, ideas for the new place so it should be fun. The only things we took with us were our couch, tv stand, and bed (without headboard), which is basically everything. Should be a fun challenge, especially with wedding planning, so we really are up for the challenge of chic on a budget.

Our new area is in the true Miami area, mostly laid-back, simple, and earthy. It is old Miami so it will be exciting to incorporate these details into our ultimate design.

Here are a few before pictures (including hospital lighting, no countertops, and no working outlets):

1. Kitchen- we will be getting new dark countertops to compliment the wood cabinets. We are also getting the outlets changed from white to black to blend in. So hard to try to cook in this kitchen. I tried to make a New Years resolution about healthy eating, but who am I kidding? It is so hard to have the coffee maker, crock pot, and toaster on the floor. I've been guilty of ordering way too much food.

Living room- we are changing the light fixtures to add a softer light. We get plenty of natural light from the balcony door and large window. 

Bedroom- a little dark but hopefully our light furniture will brighten the room until we choose a color. I would love a light grey with white trimming. I've always been drawn to neutral rooms, with mostly beige, white, and grey colors. I feel like it makes it relaxing and peaceful. 

Bathrooms- we finally have a guest bathroom! This is a game changer. I could not be happier! The guest bathroom is a little small and dark but a nice light color and bright accents could do the trick. 

Our bathroom needs work. It is  decent size but a little outdated. I would love to change the mirrors over the sink to one large one with a modern border. I would also like to change the fixtures on the drawers to spice it up. It has potential to be dull, so I want to add bright and functional accents and paint a wall a darker color. 

Overall, I'm so excited to start working on this! Right now everything is plain white so it is a blank canvas waiting to be decorated! We will be making a lot of progress this week with our countertops and some paint. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jack Rogers vs Stephen Bonanno

The other day I was wearing my silver Jack Rogers sandals to work and my friend from West Palm Beach asked me about them. I told her I bought them online and she told me about a long time battle between Jack Rogers and Stephen Bonanno. Being a Florida girl, I am very surprised I have never heard this!

I'm sure you all have heard how Jackie O wore her Jack Rogers sandals all the time, but according to Palm Beach shoe designer, Stephen Bonnano, she was actually wearing his shoes! I had to look into this story and found so many sources reporting that to be true, which really was surprising to me! Apparently, Stephen Bonanno, is the true designer of these sandals and everything else is a knockoff!

I've had Jack Rogers sandals for as long as I can remember and to me they are the comfiest pair of sandals ever! I have worn my pairs until they break. Now that I fould out about this feud, I want to check out the Stephen Bonnano sandals to see how different they really are! They are certainly in the same price range and I just read that you can custom make the sandals however you like! Any color combination or even leather that you bring in yourself can be used! Also- Lilly Pulitzer's grand daughters are frequent visitors of the factory in West Palm beach as well. Seems like it is worth a day trip to WPB especially since my Jack Rogers sandals has seen way better days. Can also be a birthday gift to myself ;)

Have you ever worn Stephen Bonnano sandals or do you swear by Jack Rogers?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New life

Finally started this blog! I've been meaning to do this for months! I'm going to use this little blog as my creative outlet. Can't wait to start updating regularly!